HRS&S is here to help you locate and hire great candidates.
We can manage the entire recruiting process or partner with you by managing the most time-consuming tasks of recruiting.
This will allow you to focus your time and attention on other key areas of your business.

Recruiting Services Include

  • Advertising for open positions and soliciting qualified candidates

  • Creating or reviewing position description

  • Interviewing qualified candidates by phone

  • Checking references, credentials, and backgrounds

  • Administering assessments to assist in selecting the best candidate

  • Forwarding decline letters to applicants not selected

  • Providing forms – including the offer letter, new hire forms, orientation checklist, and more

Current Available Positions

Job Description Responsibilities: Help develop and manage the overall mission of the business and ensure practices are in place to enforce this mission from the top down. Coach restaurant managers in ...

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Fort Mill, South Carolina
Posted 2 years ago

Specialty Delivery & Logistics provide special deliveries for the Carolinas and anywhere in the United States.  We are a growing company and offer a variety of services, including contract labor,...

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