The HR Department

HRS&S designed this package for organizations that require a strategic approach to managing employees.

The HR Department Package is the equivalent of hiring a Director of Human Resources to walk alongside the leadership team and help align the organization’s vision, mission, values and brand with its people. HRS&S Consulting provides the level of knowledge and expertise necessary to take your organization to the next level. The broad collection of projects and initiatives included in the HR Department Package covers the employment relationship from pre-hire through termination.

Office People
  • Handbook Package

    Employee handbook (create or review existing)

    Supervisors manual to accompany the employee handbook

  • Engagement And Retention Initiative

    Customized employee survey

    Workshop(s) on engaging employees and retaining talent

    Training series focused on internal communication

  • Performance Management Strategy

    Position descriptions

    Unlimited access to our extensive position description library

    Customized performance review forms for managers and non-managers

    Management training on evaluating performance

    Resource for managing employee relations challenges

  • Hiring And Onboarding Support

    Provide insight and support during the development of the onboarding process (first 90-days of employment)

    Provide new-hire checklist and other customized on-boarding documents

  • Termination And Offboarding Support

    Develop customized disciplinary action forms

    Consult with management during the termination process

    Create customized separation letter(s)

    Provide termination checklist

    Analysis of turnover trend

  • Unlimited HR Support

    Access to a team of certified HR professionals and the online HR Support Center